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Loving Myself to a 10!

I am continuing down this path of clean eating.

It is so weird for me to have to pack a cooler of food and bring bags of things, plus my clothes to be able to go to my mom's for the weekend. That is exactly what I needed to do though. It took me so much longer to get ready to get out the door that I left an hour later than I thought.

It's worst than having a new baby! I require so much more than a baby does. I took 3 bags of food and a big cooler. Then I had my laptop bag, work bag, overnight bag and it is all too much sometimes. I have always been the one who wants to be easy. I don't want to be a hassle or a burden on anyone. I have had to choose over and over again, me or the "cookie". Choosing to step-up the self-love again and again, is where I want to stay. I feel like I am being called to the next level of loving myself constantly!

We are totally us with each other. Silly, frustrated, proud, sad, loved, friends.
Yep! This is pretty much how we are.

My mom has been a huge supporter in this new self-love movement. She has taken me in and prepped food for me, she checks on me to see if I have eaten or taken my supplements. She is willing to drive up here and take me to my doctor appointments. She believes in me and my ability to change my life one choice at a time.

We have a lot of fun together. We work together, play together, support each other and motivate each other. That is not how we were always. When I was growing up, I was convinced that she hated me and that I annoyed her. I thought, that she felt, that I was proof out walking around that she was unsuccessful in some way: because of me. Neither of us were playing fair. But, through the work we have done together and on our own has helped us to heal and let go of the past and truly move forward. Our foundation is our belief in our Heavenly Father and His plan of happiness, that was made possible by our Savior Jesus Christ. For us, the next thing we have is the love of the theater. But as I got older we didn't do that much together anymore. We needed something new. Fortunately when I brought Fearless Living to my family she was interested enough to look into it. This is not the only source of help we received. We also have been practicing Carol Tuttle's Dressing Your Truth for almost just as long.

My mom has been a big supporter of me shining my light.

We do have a much better relationship now and it is getting better each day. I love coaching with her and coming up soon we are doing our first workshop in Fresno. I am way excited! It is my favorite workshop Pathway of change, it is about the 12 steps to freedom by Rhonda Britten. They are the same 12 Steps we share in our podcast, Fearless Generations. We also go to Disneyland with each other at least once a year for our birthdays. We take risks and try new adventures like: skydiving, zip lining, and traveling to new places. Plus we encourage each other to strive for our dreams. We have both up-leveled our coaching and earn our green sash as advanced coaches. We do several workshops a year. Here are pictures of Pathway of Change Seattle and Courage Trek which we did with Janet Renner who is also a coach. And our Dressing Your Truth family continues to grow.

This weekend I did a new mask from Younique which is their gold Brightening Mask. I even used the exfoliating mask before hand. It hurt a little coming off, but my skin felt so amazing. I don't usually give myself that kind of time at all. Do pamper yourself? Maybe you do that by giving yourself an hour of extra sleep or something yummy. Maybe to be nice to yourself you get flowers for your table or you go to the gym. Whatever it is, please do it! Fill your cup people. You'll be better at everything when you give from an overflowing cup!

Love, Kelly

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