Loving myself to a 10!

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Things have started to get manageable.

So knowing what to eat or being able to put a meal together, is coming together. I'm prepping my proteins and I have systems in place that make it easy for me to quickly put something together. I have learned how to make fascinating things like mashed cauliflower, a new pie crust for a quiche I made, and my favorite, pecan butter.

I went to a woman's conference this weekend with my personal cooler!

My friend and I took our daughters to a woman/girls conference this weekend, and she told me, "I want to see how you eat, because I want to eat like you." I was like, "That's funny because I want to be able to eat like you!" I was excited though to be preparing my food for more than one. It was great practice for when I start moving my kids towards this life style as well. I made a quiche, egg cups, a couple dinners we could easily warm up. I had a ton of fruit, carrots and hummus, a couple of veggie sides like broccoli and squash with zucchini. Let's just say I had enough. We ate up our healthy food and took care of ourselves. It was an excellent addition to the conference. I came home feeling great. I filled my cup up with self-care and self-love. But then I was home...

These kids are cute, don't get me wrong, but they are very messy.

We have entered this stage in our family where no one thinks they need to help with maintaining the home. They are slowly discovering that that doesn't make me a happy mommy. They are going to find out soon that this will not make them happy either.

Everyone's suggestions involve a big black trash bag and crying girls. I have avoided this but it is getting to the point where I can no longer for everyone's good.

What are things you struggle with knowing what to do? Where do you go for advice?

These people that you go to, listen to, they are your wise council and part of your fear-buster group. Cultivate you group of Fear Busting Rock Stars that you can go to when things are unclear. You need cheerleaders, venting partners, voices of experience, wise council and powerful partners. You may be asking yourself, what do these all mean? I'll go more into that and introduce you to some of mine in the next blog. Until then remember, You have full permission to shine!

Love, Kelly

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