Loving myself to a 10!

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

What do you do in times of struggle? Do you give into the thoughts, or the darkness? Do you shut down? Or do you run away, or get mad?

Or do you get proactive?

My current set back, I did struggle a couple days. I allowed these feelings to have a space and to be heard. I reached out to my support system and I was able to shift to a proactive movement forward. It is important to have a team around you for times like these or even days where something small happens. We at Fearless Living call them Fear-buster teams. There are different roles to fill on this team. Today I want to share a few.

Wise Council

My mom is usually one of the first people I call when something is going on. I know she loves me unconditionally and she will usually tell me the truth. She is a bit bias though. So I have others I go to for advice when I have a big decision to make or I need advice to move forward. I have several wise councils I can go to no matter the issue.

My coach!

Karyn is my coach. Yes I'm a coach who has a coach. She is my biggest believer in me. No matter what I come up with she believes I can do it. She reminds me of who I am and she shows me that I can do it! Do you have someone in your life that does this for you? It's necessary in my life. I bet it would help you too. Karyn not only believes in me she holds me accountable and gives me work to do.

Powerful Partner

My husband is my committed partner for life. We haven't always been on the same side of an issue or even getting along. We are committed to keep trying, keep learning, and keep having the conversation together. He is my safe place and my constant practice at growing and being better. We have been married 17 years and have 6 kids, life gets real crazy. We are in it together no matter what.

A tribe or support team is a huge part of my personal support that I have for myself. I look for people everywhere I go. I was once told by a friend that I collect people. I thought that was a weird way of saying it, but I kind of do. I love connection and when I meet people who are awesome, I want to have them around me. I love my coaching community and I have created the support around me that I need with my local friends as well. Even if your friends are far away you can connect with them. It may take a little more effort but it is well worth the effort.

Love, Kelly

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