Hey Rock Star,

My name is Kelly.

I help women entrepreneurs to become visible and shine brightly in front of their audience.


...even if you are used to hiding out and playing small.  

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Shadow to Spotlight… through



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Kelly is your go-to visibility coach for live workshops in the central valley of California. She has a podcast "Fearless Generations" with Terry A Sayre a local leadership coach and mother. Kelly is a life coach in Fresno California where she has been featured on KSEE24 as an expert with getting past your fears. Fearless Living is what Kelly teaches and supports you to start your journey towards.


Okay you know I'm not stopping with my support of you!

Once you know about fear, you are ready for skills to move through it.

I will be facilitating a 4 part series of classes teaching you the best tools you can use to quit fear.

Come join my class:

4 Fearbusting skills for 2020

It starts Friday, June 2nd and continues June 9th, 16th, and 23rd at 12:oo pm PDT


I also have two upcoming virtual workshops!

Are you ready to …

  • Step up and stand out!

  • Radiate positive energy!

  • Feel powerful and capable!

… and attract the business or results you want!

Hi, My name is Kelly Lynne Fox!


...And I am on a mission to empower female entrepreneurs to step up, live their dreams, and be seen, heard, and visible- with confidence and power!

This is for you if...


… You have a burning desire to share your message with the world...

… You know it’s your time to step out of the supporting role into the spotlight...


But perhaps you…

  • lack confidence

  • don’t have personal branding developed 

  • You feel like you are always waiting for somebody’s permission

In your Discover Your Energy Type Session you will discover your true energy type and how knowing that will help you to develop a logo, website, and look that will support you in being seen authentically.


Knowing who you truly are is a powerful tool in full acceptance of yourself. You can let go of years of beating yourself up and move forward honoring the real you!

If you want to know more about what Energy Typing is please click here.

What my clients are saying...

Before working with Kelly, I was all over the map with my image, never feeling my look was quite right.


During my time working with Kelly, I focused on colors that went well with my skin tone and age, I also have cut my products in half. Best of all with learning a few tricks.


Now that I have worked with Kelly, I have a routine that works a few tips for going into the evening and fewer products. Also, she gave me a sample of their charcoal face mask to try and my skin loved it!


-Marlene Fugman

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