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Rock Star Training

How to be a Rock Star -

Join Kelly for an empowering 6-week group coaching experience where she will explore chapters 1, 6-9 of the inspiring book, Fearless Living by Rhonda Britten.

Do you crave more from life but feel uncertain about how to achieve it? Whether you're seeking clarity or direction, this class will offer invaluable insights and practical tools to help you overcome fear and live a more fulfilling life.

You'll gain a deep understanding of how fear affects your life, and discover actionable steps to help you move toward freedom and joy. It's not selfish to want more out of life; in fact, it's a natural desire that we all share.

Kelly is excited to offer this 6-week study class, which will empower you to identify your "more" and take meaningful steps towards achieving it. With her guidance, you'll learn the skills and tools you need to confidently take action toward a more fulfilling life.

By the end of the course, you'll have gained awareness and skills to overcome the 4 No's of Fearless Living: No Expectations, No Complaining, No Excuses, and No Beating Yourself Up. These life-changing tools come with practical antidotes that will help you navigate through life's challenges with ease.

This class includes worksheets, homework, and engaging activities that will support you on your journey. If you're ready to transform your life, she invites you to join her and cross over to the freedom side. Don't miss this opportunity to change your trajectory and live a life you love.

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