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     Coach Kelly's sincere, light yet fully-present coaching style made me feel at home and safe from day 1. She combines her knowledge with an authentic, loving spirit. It was during our 10-session coaching engagement--which was part of my FLTP package--that I got very clear about my niche and brand as a Life Coach, and she gave me very useful guidance in the relationship area as well. She was a powerful partner and continues to be an inspiration in my journey toward a sustainable soul career in Life Coaching. Thank you very much, Coach Kelly!


Em P. Guevara of the Philippines  

Geometric Fox

Before I started working with Kelly, I knew I needed help figuring out how to co-parent with my ex. With Kelly’s gentle but direct coaching, we figured out that I was afraid of these communications and the fear itself was getting in the way of having productive conversations. With Kelly’s help and Rhonda’s book “Fearless Living,” I was able to understand the source of the fears. I wish I could say that all the fears magically disappeared, but understanding the source and the impact helped me put them aside and improve my communications. The fears aren’t necessarily gone, but they have their place and it’s not front and center of each difficult conversation. I now have a better relationship with my ex-wife. Much healthier and more productive. If you are wanting someone who is dedicated to your fearless journey and will help you make sense of it all, Kelly is your coach.


S.F.M. of Massachusetts 


Kelly was my life coach during a time of transition. She was invaluable in helping me to define my goals and find the courage to take the first steps toward achieving them. She encouraged me to take a risk every day; see the possibilities for my life; dream, and then take action. She did this by asking me every coaching session “What was your risk today?” And “What is holding you back?” She reassured me that it was OK to be uncomfortable and push forward through the fear. She encouraged me to keep an activity log of where I spent my time. Then I was able to identify and cut out the time-wasting activities so that I could focus on my growth. She also gave me homework to complete each week which helped

me to act on my commitments. I started daily journal listing areas where I acknowledge myself and daily gratitude that helped me see my progress and bits of happiness each day. To this day, I have made that journaling part of my life. With each risk taken and goal achieved, Kelly was one of my biggest cheerleaders.


In many ways, my life has changed considerably since my coaching sessions with Kelly. I am certainly more accomplished and confident. I am where I want to be in my life. I am happy and I owe Kelly deep gratitude for helping me get to this point!


Thank you, Kelly!

Amy Flower of Austin Texas

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