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Advanced Certified Fearless Living Coach


When I started the training program to become a CFLC there were 18 months of pre-reqs like; being coached by a CFLC for 12 weeks, going to workshops and an application/interview process. Once accepted into the program there were further workshops and intensive coach training from a seasoned coaching mentor and several ones on one client sessions. This was an 18-month process for me as well. After 3 years I was a Certified Fearless Living Coach. That was a few years ago in February of 2008. Since then I have been supporting others to live a more fearless life, as well as stay active in the Fearless Living community and work for myself. I continue to pursue up-leveling training and am now a Certified Fearless Trainer which means I am licensed and trained to present Fearless Living Workshops. I also, lead the support teams at the Fearless Living workshops with Rhonda as the Conscious Coordinator. I have also reached an Advanced coach level in my training. I aspire to continue up-leveling my skills to be a Master coach and later a Mentor coach in our coaching program and help others who want to be FLI coaches.



Fearless Living was created by Rhonda Britten. She developed the Fearless Living Institute because she wants to support us all in becoming fearless. She has been a life coach for over 20 years and has starred in Starting Over (she won an Emmy) and has been a recurring guest on Oprah, as well as other shows where she has supported the cause of fearlessness. She has been training coaches for over 15 years and we are here to help spread the word and support a fearless world. Rhonda says that "No one can be fearless alone". I wholeheartedly believe that as well. For more information on Rhonda Britten and the Fearless Living Institute please follow the link below. There are great classes and workshops available as well as a list of the great coaches out there.



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