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Group Coaching

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How are you taking care of yourself? How are you taking care of your family, loved ones, and friends? How are you addressing your voice of fear?

I will teach you about fear. 

  • How it affects you physically

  • And mentally.

  • How fear speaks to you

  • And why.

Check out our virtual events at Fearless Generations by

clicking the link below. We always have one coming up.

Learn how you can move forward and feel more comfortable in the uncomfortable.

We also offer...

A Group Coaching Program called
Stepping Towards Freedom
Come learn how to start your journey toward freedom using the 12 Steps and 12 tools of Fearless Living taught in this year-long program.

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Kelly loves to speak to groups of people who are about empowering and uplifting those around them. She is all about supporting people to live a bigger life than the one they are living now. A life that is no longer dictated by their fear. One where they can go out and take risks and live a life they love and enjoy. One that is full of love and adventure. This is the life that Kelly wants for everyone and herself. As she steps out and speaks she creates this more in her own life. She is available to speak virtually at this time and would love the opportunity to speak with you and your organization.

Today Kelly Fox of Kelly lynne coaching

You can find recent videos of Kelly on her social media:

Instagram (KellyLynneCoaching),

Facebook (Kelly Sayre Fox),

LinkedIn (Kelly Fox - Fear Master Coach and Speaker), and

TikTok (FearMasteryRockStar).

Go check them out and remember to follow her for more.

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