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This is a different time in our history as a planet. We are facing a global pandemic with the spreading of COVID - 19.

After weeks of being is Shelter in Place mode and the news constantly sprouting the numbers of how many people have died in each country of the world. It is safe to say that we are all experiencing more fear in our daily lives. 

How are you taking care of yourself at this time? How are you taking care of your family, loved ones, and friends? How are you addressing your voice of fear?

I want to share and teach you about fear. 

  • How it affects you physically

  • And mentally.

  • How fear speaks to you

  • And why.

Join me on Zoom

@ 1:00 pm PST 4::00 pm EST

April, 7th 2020

Come learn how you can move forward and feel more comfortable in the uncomfortable.



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