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I am very excited to offer for the first time a workshop for our Fearless Book Group Community! Sylvia McIntosh (CFLC-CFT) and I are bringing to you the Pathway of Change Workshop! This workshop was designed by Rhonda Britten and it is one of our favorites. Over the 2 day workshop, you are going to learn so much that will move you forward on your path quickly. From the exercises to the group activities you will be stepping out of your comfort zone and changing your life!

Are you going around not knowing what to do next? Feeling lost without direction or powerless to change where you are headed? Are you frustrated, sad, mad or feed up? Do you look at others around you and wonder, "why do they have what you want?" Are you sitting on the sidelines watching your life pass you by? Are you unhappy?


Are you ready for change?


At this workshop, you will learn the 12 Steps to Change, which are listed below, they will start you on a path of becoming aware of what is going on around you and inside you. You will be able to judge your willingness to step out and make different choices. You will be able to take the time to re-connect to yourself and gain support from the others in the room. There will be loads of compassion offered and you will be given the choice to have it for yourself as well. You will be taught how to count yourself first in your priorities and how to hold yourself accountable. We will have exercises that support you in staying in the present moment so you can receive the present of time for you. We will be giving you the opportunity to surrender all that you came in with to be able to leave with the possibilities you desire. You will set an intention to trust yourself from now on while you life more passionately with so much love for yourself!


Does that sound like something you would want?

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