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Have you ever wondered why you are so full of ideas, but not always great at following through with them all? Or are you a big picture person and like to come in and perfect things? Do you like to be the peacemaker and like to go with the flow? Or are you a shoot first aim later, come in and get it done kind of person? Join us as we discuss the 4 energy Types of Dressing Your Truth by Carol Tuttle.


All the fun starts at: 

5:30 PM to 6 PM PST every Saturday (except a few) starting Feb. 9th

We will be doing this on a Live Zoom video call! The information will be sent to you before the event.
Come as you are and at whatever level of exploration. This will be the best #girltalk you will ever get. It will bring you to a place of

self-acceptance as you step out of the shadows and claim your spotlight!





Do you wonder why people are the way they are sometimes? Like how some people are super chill and others spaz out. Or why someone is so great at coming up with idea's, yet struggles with following through? What about those that are a force of nature coming through at full speed with whatever they are doing? Why are some people researchers and others are hands-on experimenters? Why do some overlook instructions, while others live by the details and others see the big picture? Come and find out! 

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There are several reasons why someone might mistype themselves. Here are 3 to get us started.


1. This is not a personality test! It's energy profiling. Our energy has been with us from conception. We were created by this energy. It formed us in our own unique way.

Meaning that your true nature may not have been accepted in your family, so you adapted to what did. The way you "act" today could be the opposite of your true nature.


2. You may have expectations for yourself to be a certain way. Maybe you think professional people are not silly or have fun. You might be denying yourself what you want to fit what you think you "should" look like or act like.


3. You could have been hurt or neglected at some point and so you have let other energies to come forward and take care of you because you didn't think your true nature could get the job done.


There are all kinds of reasons why you are not actually living in your true nature.

But don't worry! I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you discover what it is and to help you live all aspects of your life according to your true nature and energy!


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All of my sisters are a different type! No wonder we all were so different from each other. This was in 2010 when we all started living our truth. My mom took us all out to the Dressing Your Truth center. We got makeovers and went shopping. It was so much fun!

In the 9 years, I have been living in my nature I have gotten more and more comfortable. I have allowed myself permission to be ME. I have let go of ideas that I need to move faster or be different. It has taken so much frustration out of shopping and I have confidence, that before I would have thought impossible. I know myself, and that feels amazing!

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This was our group at the DYT conference in 2017! Aren't we cute? You might recognize some of us from the original picture. We have all come into our own. And we are always willing to learn more. Makeup tips or hair tricks, we love to hear the latest! And we love the store. They are going all online now though, with a service called Lifestyle if you are interested in this service at some point, please check it out!

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